Higher Street 877

·[King Britt presents... Fhloston Paradigm (The Phoenix)]

Portal 1
Race to the moon
Letters of past
Chasing rainbows
Never defeated
Tension remains
It’s all about feat. Pia Ercole
The phoenix
Portal 3
Never forget
Portal 4
Light on edge

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HS Lisnin’ Buz 043

·[Underground belgian wave]

Danton’s Voice – Easy life
Schicksal – Saturday
Emotional Violence – Spiders web
M. Bryo – Shift
The Misz – Tameless horses
Eliza Waut – Summary of all my dreams
Autumn – Synthesize
Asmodaeus – Radiation dance
Enzo Kreft – Erotic fantaseesz
Marcel Vanthilt – Als ik gust de coster was
Secret Life – Witches
Emotional Violence – Big balloon
Enzo Kret – Beauty queen

·Paper Tiger – Make it through

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